First electric bicycles in La Strada

First electric bicycles in La Strada

The double open day that took place this weekend at the Wilhelm & Co sales pavilion was an opportunity for the first seven buyers of an apartment on the La Strada site to be offered an electric bicycle which could, with time, be recharged ecologically via solar panels installed on the future complex.


It is in the spirit of ‘short-circuit sales’, one of the many objectives of the entrepreneur, in partnership with the Seneffoise company “Bike4life”, that these Belgian bikes with a battery life ranging from 60 to 100 kilometres will be offered to each home buyer. With great enthusiasm and a very affable manner, the CEO of the company, Peter Wilhelm, reminded us how long and how much debating it took to complete this project, owing to the local council not always being on the same wavelength. He also reminded us of his recent developments in our region (Médiacité in Liège which has socially revitalised the district, as well as developments which have reinvigorated Louvain-la-Neuve and created diversity within its population). Finally, he explained how he was seduced by La Louvière and how much he wanted to help boost the city centre through this vast construction site, by the joint construction of housing and a leisure centre, which would compensate for the losses, due in particular to [international e-commerce, by setting up cultural activities, hospitality and catering services, and local shops.

A green
approach pushed
even further
thanks to
the carbon
footprint of the
construction site and also
the lives of the
local residents


Before that, the Director of the project, the equally enthusiastic Geoffrey Dumonceau, explained to us that, sensitive to the problem of the carbon footprint, his company had planned the manufacture of some 2,200 domestic ceramic furnaces (a nod to Boch…) which will be offered to the people of Ghana in order to reduce their consumption of wood, thereby reducing deforestation. This green gesture will therefore offset on a global scale the CO2 emissions produced on the La Louvière site by the use of machines and transporting materials, as well as by the inevitable consumption, even in low-consumption households, of the first inhabitants of Strada buildings.

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