Keramis needs you for its Bai Ming exhibition

Keramis needs you for its Bai Ming exhibition


The funding on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank expires in 8 days.

Keramis is a museum that works tirelessly to organise exhibitions at the top of its game. If the Gentre Keramis manages to reach its crowdfunding target of € 15,000, it will be able to accommodate the painter and ceramist Bai Ming. A world-famous Chinese artist, who has exhibited in the USA. This would be a first for Belgium.

The Keramis museum has already made several appeals regarding its financial difficulties. The exhibition dedicated to Bai Ming is still pending due to insufficient resources. “However, some Chinese sponsors have earmarked € 200,000 so that this event can take place,” explained Nathanaël Thiry, the museum’s spokesperson. “The sum would cover transport costs and the production of a catalogue commensurate with the exhibition. As for us, organising this event in our facility costs us approximately € 75,000. As we have not yet managed to raise this sum, we have launched a crowdfunding initiative for the general public to raise € 15,000.  For any donation above € 5, beneficiaries will receive something in return. This can range from free tea or coffee in the cafeteria to a VIP dinner with the artist. You can even get a night at the museum with breakfast”. Keramis has a furnished studio which allows the centre to welcome artists in residence. Located on the top floor, it has a breath-taking view of the city.


“The general public cannot imagine the cost of such an ambitious exhibition. The transport and insurance costs are as high as they are unavoidable. An investment in proportion to the artist’s reputation and rating. But there is also the educational component, the scenography, the budget required for communication, and the printing of leaflets.” If the participation of the general public is required, then the same applies for businesses. ‘Wilhelm & Co’ has made the tremendous contribution of € 15,000. We have not heard from any other company as yet. We remind you that in exchange, we offer advertising by displaying your logo, as well as the opportunity to organise corporate events, concerts and visits for your prestigious customers at the museum. Our contemporary museum, which houses the heritage-listed bottle kiln, can respond to innumerable original formulas.” The premises greatly impressed the Chinese artist Baï-Ming when he visited Keramis a little over a year ago. “In France and Portugal, he normally exhibits in desacralized abbeys and churches. He fell in love with our bottle kilns in La Louvière.”


Fittingly, Bai Ming, whose name in Chinese means “white light”, is the author of very bright works. Keramis wishes to promote both its abstract paintings and its ceramics. Born in 1965, Bai Ming is from a Chinese region historically linked to ceramic production. Indeed, the city of Jingdezhen is where we find the old royal porcelain factories. This city is also considered the world capital of porcelain. The artist produces both everyday objects and pure works of art. But isn’t a perfectly useful piece the ultimate work of art? If the event takes place, it will be a beautiful gathering of national and international visitors.  > Would you like to help Keramis a little, a lot or with all your heart? >  Surf the crowdfunding site Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.  > Call up the right page by typing “Save Keramis and the Bai Ming Expo”.>  Find out what you will get in return, depending on the amount you wish to donate, from €. Please hurry! The funding expires in 8 days.


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