Uniting all our resources in order to invent the future of cities is a strategic issue. This mobilization conditions our capacity to meet current urban challengesand our future success.

Moreover,at Wilhelm & Co, we pay special attention to the recruitment of our future employees, both in terms of skills and profile. We ensure that they adhere to a common understanding of sustainability, resulting in a long-term personal commitment. Serene, this feeling strengthens our team and helps to create daily moments of conviviality during which the sense of teamwork takes shape.

Wilhelm & Co’s team spirit hence unfolds both in a climate of high standards and simplicity.

If you want to join a dynamic and international team, contact us at:

Wilhelm & Co Group

Goedheidsstraat 5 Rue de la Bonté, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

+32 (0)2 535 10 10


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