A plural concept

A complete and diversified urban complex opened in 2005 in Louvain-la-Neuve (Brabant-Wallon), L’esplanade assembles a shopping center, a new shopping street, new housing and a cinema. The 300,000 sqm project is located in the center of the city. It counts 433 apartments, 30,000 sqm of offices, 6,000 parking spaces, a 13-screen multiplex cinema and a shopping center of nearly 53,500 sqm GLA.“L’esplanade: the shopping destination for the South of Brussels” 

A space dedicated to retail

L’esplanade has a high potential catchment area in a region experiencing the most important demographic growth in Belgium: 640,000 people with a 20% higher income than the national average. The 34,500 sqm GLA two-story shopping center includes 7 medium-sized units (Fnac, Delhaize, H&M, C&A, Esprit, La Grande Récré, Hema, Zara…) and 90 shops, service spaces and restaurants. At the threshold of the shopping center lies the Charlemagne street offering 30 shops on an additional 7,200 sqm GLA. L’esplanade’s growth has led to the planned development of a 22,000 sqm extension (with numerous prospective tenants already showing interest) as well as 9,000 sqm of offices.


Key figures

Housing 47,000 sqm with 460 apartments
Shops & services 56,000 sqm comprising
– 1 supermarket
– 9 medium sized units
– 120 shops
Leisure 15,000 sqm comprising
– a 13-screen cinema complex
– cafés & restaurants
– 1 bowling
Parking 176,000 sqm with 6,000 parking spaces
TOTAL 300,000 sqm of constructed area
8,000,000 visitors each year
A total of over 2,000 jobs created

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