Thousands of direct and indirect jobs

By initiating new economic activities throughout all its developments, Wilhelm & Co has succeeded in creating, in ten years, more than 1,800 long-term jobs and as many indirect jobs. The jobs created by the construction sites continuously occupies between 400 and 3000 people. The refurbishment of derelict districts has also boosted the regions that benefit from the new employment opportunities generated by our projects.



Solidarity and sharing

The purpose of the Wilhem & Co Group as a corporate citizen is relayed by numerous philanthropic initiatives and partnerships in Belgium and elsewhere. Focused on its urban impact, this policy is reflected in sustainable actions of social, cultural and environmental solidarity, that respect the values of creativity, ambition, commitment and courage. Useful and innovative projects, always consistent with the image and ethics of the Group.


  • The Group regularly supports visual artists by organizing their exhibitions or by buying their works. It has exhibited and/or bought works of Hugo Pauwels Yves Bosquet, Stéphane Jasinski, Nathalie Joiris, Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt, Hugues de Wurstemberger, Yves Pitchen, Michel Mouffe, Jean-Luc Moerman…
  • Support to promising young artists such as the young virtuoso cellist David Cohe (London Symphonia Orchestra).

Structural action

The Group supports initiatives that contribute to the understanding of urban phenomena as well as urban evolution & changes. This perspective allows to imagine new solutions.

Forum organization and support

  • “Vivre la ville?” organized by the Michel Woitrin Foundation in Louvain-la-Neuve, “La ville et la Ville dans l’oeuvre de Marguerite Yourcenar” at the Academia Belgica in Rome, “Pour une gestion dynamique du Patrimoine: un partenariat secteur public-secteur-privé” in partnership with Europa Nostra Belgium…

Citizen projects

  • Wilhelm & Co has participated in the rescue of the “Parc à Mitrailles” (old industrial site) in Court-Saint-Étienne and in the elaboration of Pablo Neruda and Mikis Theodorakis’s “Canto General” organized on site: 10,000 spectators in 3 days, which was a real success.
  • Establishing Bruocsella (with the help of the Brussels-Capital region), a philanthropic-business club working to improve urban environments.
  • Support to the Caïus organized by Promethea, Philharmonic Society and BOZAR.

Education and skills

  • Edition of the “Heritage explained to children” book, to the initiative of Nicole Van den Plas with Europa Nostra Editions (40,000 copies in French, Dutch, English and Italian). Partly thanks to our support, the book is also present in every school in the Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia regions.
  • Organization of seminars at the Victor Horta Architecture School (ULB): Peter Wilhelm has taught for many years a seminar on “the financial plan of a developer”.


Moreover, the Group financially supports, hosts in its offices and provides “hands on” assistance to the following non-profit organizations:

  • YouthStart, encourages low-income drop-out students to stay in school by incorporating what they learn into an original unique and enlightening business plan that will develop their entrepreneurship skills and offer them the opportunity to develop their own project. https://youthstart.be/en/
  • Music Fund, supports young musicians living in developing countries or war zones (Mozambic, Congo, Palestine, Israël, etc). The organization collects music instruments in Europe, and distributes them in these countries after a complete restoration. www.musicfund.be Besides this material support, Music Fund provides the training of local people for the repair and tuning of music instruments, including the organization of training seminars in Europe in the instrument workshops. Music Fund therefore does not limit it’s action to a material or financial support but also provides these countries a precious know how.
  • Europa Nostrais a Pan-European organization that promotes, through public awareness, high quality standards in patrimony preservation, architecture, urban and rural planning, as well as encouraging sustainable development for all natural and built environments. www.europanostra.be

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