Our true capital is human

The Group’s main asset is its team, a team with strong know-how made of 60 highly skilled specialists recruited from across Europe. If their skills cover all aspects of real estate development, their expertise goes beyond the conjunction of multiple well-adjusted talents. By opening themselves to others, by communicating and consulting they manage to anticipate all present and future needs. Partners of the city, they also participate in creating connections between stakeholders and creating value and jobs. With these objectives in mind, Wilhelm & Co has surrounded itself with a multidisciplinary team composed of consultants, architects, urban and landscape planners, geographers, expert surveyors, engineers and sociologists.


  • Peter Wilhelm

    Peter Wilhelm

    Chief executive officer
  • Jean Michel Despaux

    Jean Michel Despaux

    Chief operating officer
  • Nicole Van den Plas

    Nicole Van den Plas

    Creative director
  • Claude Arnould

    Claude Arnould

    for Arnould Management sprl

    C.F.O. Operational Finance

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