• Who are we?

    Established in 1988 by Peter Wilhelm, Wilhelm & Co has become an important leader in the field of urban developments, realising genuine “urban neighbourhoods” with all their functionalities: retail, office, housing, parking, leisure and public spaces. The Group has been committed to making its passionate vision of the city, a reality.

  • Global approach

    As a global operator, Wilhelm & Co stands out thanks to the wide range of its competencies in 7 key areas: conception & development, implementation, financing & investment, marketing, management and asset management. Distinguishing itself from classic developers which only concentrate on constructing buildings, the Group conceives full city districts with all their components.

  • Creeds

    Our creeds lie in a long-term approach. For us, keeping and managing real estate assets over time is our way of providing ourselves with the means to achieve our projects’ objectives: contributing to well-being and creating value. Deeply encrusted in the Group’s DNA, this philosophy of the city is based on the perennial values of consultation and availability, passion, ambition, anticipation, solidarity and sharing.

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